Business Meeting

Association Management Services

TIMES 10 can manage the day-to-day operations of your association office so you can work on accomplishing your goals.

By providing your association with a physical location and professional staff, TIMES 10 releases volunteers from the time-consuming duties of running a front office, freeing them for more important work. Our Association Member Management Services teams work together with marketing, event, and finance specialists to handle all of the day-to-day needs of your association.

  • Fully equipped office with modern equipment and separate phone lines for each association

  • Real-time support from member services team members via phone and email

  • Archival storage of all your records with cloud-based backup protection

  • Two conference rooms with seating for up to 18 with access to kitchen, speakerphone and presentation screens

Customer Service and Support for Members and Donors

Volunteer organizations depend on dedicated members and supporters. When a new member commits to your association, we deliver services to help ensure a productive, long-lasting relationship. TIMES 10 supports you by:

  • Enabling members and donors to make payments through your website

  • Keeping your data current and accurate

  • Managing membership renewals, membership drives, fundraising activities, and automatically updating member records

  • Sending automated, personalized email membership renewal reminders and welcome messages

  • Tracking and reporting applications and renewals

  • Administering scholarship, mentorship and awards programs

Continuing Education & Certification Programs

TIMES 10 manages certification and accreditation programs for clients, from the development stages of creating new certification and training programs, to administration and tracking mechanisms. We have worked with clients to create and revamp live and online professional development certification programs.


TIMES 10 can:

  • Provide strategic direction and administrative support to professional development committees and task forces

  • Design and distribute online evaluations and certificates of completion

  • Handle applications for accreditation through national accreditation bodies or outside continuing education providers

  • Manage partnerships with outside providers to produce continuing education programs and training

  • Manage registration for certification and automated tracking of certification credits